Let’s make maps fun

Hi there, I hope that you are having a great day. Let’s try to make it even better. Assuming that you are a web developer, I am very positive that you might have already used maps and visualized data plotted on it on numerous occasions. But in most cases you might have used them exclusively, even if they held some relation between them. But what about mixing them together, what about filtering data plotted on maps just by clicking different bars of bar graphs. Wouldn’t it be awesome. In my opinion, Yeah sure it would be. It would take user…

Let’s create something interesting

Hi there, This tutorial is the final installment of the my two part tutorial series, in which we are building a Fullstack Application using Fastify, React, Redux and MongoDB, which would support all CRUD functionalities. In case you didn’t read the first part, I’ll highly recommend you to do that before you move any forward because this tutorial would be the continuation of Part 1 and in order to understand what’s going on you are expected to have at least some basic understanding of our frontend that we made in Part 1. You don’t need to know meaning of every…

Let’s create something interesting

Hi, there. I hope that you are having a good time. Now let’s make it even better. In today’s tutorial we’ll be building a Fullstack Application using Fastify, React, Redux and MongoDB, which would support all CRUD functionalities. The application that we are about to build is a simple menu app that lists all the menu items currently present in the database, In this application, you would be able to create menu items, which could hold details like item-name and item-price. You could also modify them or even delete them. If you want to see all these features live in…

An experience beyond comprehension

It has been more than a month Since, we did what no one would ever imagined have, when we made a very step out of our home. Actually not even us!. Remembering the evening of March 30th, 2019 still sends shivers down my spine, It was the final of a prestigious Hackathon HackNSUT organised by NSUT. The competition was tough. Teams came from entire North India to participate in the overnight hackathon with their eyes full of dreams, belief and hope of winning the Hackathon. We were also among them. But at the instant we all knew that it’s not…

Power of CNAME records

Yes It is possible to host multiple websites with different sub domains using one root domain. So first of all what is a root domain and sub domain?
Let’s consider a web address http://www.example.com, so, here example.com is referred to as root domain and www is referred to as sub domain. Figure shown below diagrammatically shows different parts of a web address

Nowadays, there is nothing that you can’t do using React.

React.js has been around for quite a while now. It was released back in 2013 and later in 2015 React Native was released, A mobile implementation of React.js library. Both of them had a notable impact on communities the very time they were released. If you are a React or even a Javascript Developer, You might be familiar with both of them already. The component based approach that react provides and it’s stress on using plain javascript is just phenomenal. So enough of background details!. Lets get started with the fun part.

Okay you already know that we can develop…

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